We Know the Power of Teams

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We Know the Power of Teams

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Building Powerful Teams is Our Passion

Powerful teams can change the world. Average teams can accomplish things – with high burn rates of capital: people, money, and time. Dysfunctional teams can ruin initiatives and careers. Guiding leaders and teams through the steps necessary to build a strong foundation of teaming is our passion.

Level 8 Teams has a very clear focus on one stage of effective team work:  building a foundation of teamwork. We do the hard and tricky part of gelling a team – the people piece.  We focus on 5 elements that create a powerful team: Awareness of the talents to leverage and the vulnerabilities to manage; Alignment on the purpose of the team and to reaching the stated mission of the team; Engagement in the success of the team rather than personal success of the individuals; Trust that the members of the team are congruent in thought and action and a willingness to tackle the difficult issues as they arise; and Connection so the team cares about each other as people, about the individual as well as the collective success. 

After working with Level 8 Teams. you will understand the talents and vulnerabilities of your team, individually and collectively. Learn how our simple mantra of “Leverage your best, manage the rest” can prepare both you and your team to tackle your business rather than each other.

 Level 8 Programs

It’s hard to think strategically when work is overwhelming. This is why Level 8 Teams has developed a process that minimizes disruption while maximizing your results.

Level 8 Teams provides a proven, people-focused approach that quickly turns under-performing teams into brilliant, inspired collaborators who accelerate growth and innovation.

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