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Team Development

Do you spend more time managing personalities than projects?
It’s hard to think strategically when work is overwhelming. This is why Level 8 Teams has developed a process that minimizes disruptions while maximizing your results.

Powerful teams are comprised of strong leaders. In order to attract, cultivate and retain high-performing leadership and talent, investing in your leaders pays big dividends. By focusing on the development of leaders and teams, we encourage all members to contribute her or his unique strengths, talents and input to create successful outcomes.

Using the results of a simple online assessment, Level 8 Teams will create customized strategies and resources that leverage the unique strengths and address the vulnerabilities of your team. Its process of moving a team toward the ideal Level 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 is a simple, effective model for leaders to build a powerful team that gets things done.


We consult with leadership to determine the areas of focus, create a roadmap for engagement, and align on deliverables and desired outcomes.

Team members complete the online Instinctive Drives™ assessment and receive a personalized confidential debrief. They also gain access to the Interactive I.D. Experience™.

Themes that emerge from team debriefs are analyzed and presented in a report that provides leadership with insights to help leverage your best, and manage the rest.

During the live, half-day Level 8 Teams workshop, teams will discuss their group and leadership styles and participate in experiential exercises.

Level 8 Teams provides unique follow-up tools to fully integrate the I.D. System™ with your team culture. Online assessments provide an understanding of the current strengths and vulnerabilities of your team, and the leadership report will include exercises to address areas of improvement.

Through the Client Portal, teams will have access to updated Team Charts, Customized Team Strategies, Team Exercises, and much more.

We believe in the collective power of the team.  When the right knowledge and skill set is present on the team, and the team is either at Level 8 or on the journey to get there, the collective power of the team can emerge and the team can effectively tackle the business challenges that arise.  We help teams direct their energy toward work, not each other. 

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