Leverage Your Best, Manage the Rest

Leadership Development

Leaders have the potential to transform lives, businesses, organizations and the world. 

Effective leadership starts with self-awareness – one’s understanding of innate needs that must be met to ensure long term success, including natural talents to be leveraged and the vulnerabilities to be managed. This deeper level of self-awareness, and the authentic leadership it enables, is also the first step to understanding others — which is critical when inspiring people to action and in helping teams achieve great things.

Effective leaders embrace their personal needs, talents and motivations and learn how to apply their natural leadership style to best impact on team performance.

The key to changing leadership behavior is to clearly identify what is driving the behavior for individuals, and then applying strategies to manage the desired behavioral changes.

Understand what you need to be at your best.  Learn your natural way of structuring communication and build strategies to accomplish goals collaboratively with others.  Learn ways to more clearly articulate what is needed from others in order to function as part of an effective organization.  Develop strategies to effectively interact with others in a way that meets their instinctive needs.

Understand the needs of others and how to strengthen existing relationships. We will examine how to better interact with others for maximum cohesiveness, collaboration, and achievement.

Develop a communication framework that enables honest and constructive conversations around issues of engagement and alignment relative to ongoing priorities, resourcing, decision-making and accountability; and

Significantly bolster leadership capability in the areas of self-awareness, personal brand management, personal effectiveness, overall brand management of the firm and building effective circles of influence.

Working with Level 8 Teams, Clients will: